Intimacy Products to Decrease Pain and Increase Pleasure

By Josie (seejosiesmile) Recently, I had been doing research on increasing pleasure and decreasing pain during intimacy (individually or partnered). During this time period I was gifted intimacy products from a few brands that use hemp in one…

Connecting with your sexuality: Endometriosis

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Endometriosis (ED), it is a medical condition that happens when tissue similar to what lines the inside of the uterus, which is called the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus, like on the ovaries,…

Inclusive Sex-Positive Parenting

(Disability Friendly) 1. START EARLY The idea of when is the ‘right age’ to start teaching kids about their bodies is widely debated, but it’s simple – the same time that you start teaching them anything else. Sex is a human drive,…

Navigating Kinky Stigma

Once widely stigmatized and isolated, the kink community and kink practices have acquired more visibility now than ever, thanks to platforms like Fetlife, and a more open and accepted discourse around sexuality. For those folks that are unfamiliar…

The Importance Of Masturbation In Sex Ed Curriculums

The importance of including sex-positive content about masturbation in comprehensive sex education has been a constant up hill battle for educators and advocates since pretty much always. For reasons like religion and culture, and because of…

Mindful Sexuality

It’s happened to most of us during sex… What should I cook for dinner? Do I look pretty on top? This is called ‘spectatoring’ and it totally hinders sexual arousal and pleasure. The two most common forms of spectatoring are worrying…

Healthcare, Sexuality and Aging

The way I see aging is that humans cycle through life and learn new ways to adapt to aging and changes that our bodies undergo as we have new life experiences. Ageism is prevalent in our communities, and society has a tendency to view older…
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Why Even Bother With Lube?

Introducing a lube can transform your sex life from blah to oh la la! Personal lubricants can benefit humans of all ages, and not just those who are experiencing pain. Sex just feels better when its wetter [period], and 9 out of 10 vulva owners…
Attention-Penis-OwnersIntamo Pleasurables

Attention: Penis Owners

The difference between male orgasm and ejaculation seems simple right? Orgasm occurs in the brain, while ejaculation is physical response that occurs in the prostate and urethra. Turns out that they don’t always happen together. We’ve been…

Intamo Pleasurables facilitates sex that feels better, using plant-based ingredients and the soothing properties of hemp-seed oil. Our formulas are designed with unique ingredients that intentionally increase pleasure and decrease unwanted pain. We pride ourselves on starting conversations about sex that empower all humans to embrace their sexuality, wherever it may be found on the rainbow!

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