By Josie (seejosiesmile)


Recently, I had been doing research on increasing pleasure and decreasing pain during intimacy (individually or partnered). During this time period I was gifted intimacy products from a few brands that use hemp in one form or another in their products.

Intamo Pleasurables was kind enough to gift me with their Start Me Up plant-based intimate massage oil and the Wild Thing oil-based personal lubricant. Let. Me. Tell. You. I was slightly doubtful that these products would be as effective as they are advertised to be, but I was wrong. When the Wild Thing personal lubricant is paired with the Start Me Up intimate massage oil it is like having multiple out of body experiences. Climax came with ease and regularity. Not only was my pain and tension eased, but my responsiveness to touch was heightened and post-climax I felt like I was wrapped up in a warm hug. Mark another one up for a cannabis win!

The experience while using the products is obviously mega important, but those of us with allergies and disabilities know that we have a lot more to consider when evaluating a product. Here are some of the things to keep in mind: Both of these products are infused with cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, hydrate skin, and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Ingredients such as essential oils, sesame oil, and coconut oil should be considered when purchasing or using these products.

What has really stood out to me the most about Intamo Pleasurables is their heavy focus on sexual education and empowerment. A portion of sales go towards creating INCLUSIVE sex education! Not only does Intamo Pleasurables recognize people with disabilities as sexual beings, but they also gear their products and their education towards us! So many of us know that we are often overlooked in regards to sexuality, but Intamo pleasurables is not going to let that continue to happen! Intamo Pleasurables is facilitating sex that feels better by increasing pleasure and decreasing pain while also starting conversations about sex to empower ALL humans! After years of pelvic muscle tightness, scar tissue from surgeries and birth, difficulties healing, and other forms of chronic pain impeding my ability to get down I am thrilled to have found these products.

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