Intamo Pleasurables facilitates sex that feels better, by using plant-based ingredients that nourish your body and leave you feeling sensational. Our formulas are designed with intentional ingredients that promote pleasure and ease discomfort. Sex education is at the root of what we do — we continuously strive to empower all humans to own and embrace their sexuality, wherever it may be found on the rainbow.



The use of plant-based ingredients in all of our formulas is important to us because we don’t want any harmful ingredients going anywhere near your intimate parts or any of your other body parts. Unlike many other personal lubricants and personal care products, our formulas are paraben free, glycerine free, glycol free, mineral oil free (a by product of petroleum), and cruelty free!


Our drive for creating clean and safe formulas with hemp-seed oil came from our personal need and want for intimate care products that are:

1)  kind to your body

2) promote increased sensation and excitement

3) reduce unwanted pain

We understand that navigating your sexuality throughout your lifespan isn’t always easy, so we started Intamo Pleasurables so that we could offer a helping hand (pun intended).


Our passion here at Intamo Pleasurables is not only to create intentional personal care products, but it is to start important conversations about sexuality. We value inclusive sex education for humans of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, abilities, cultures and religions. We work hard to create a safe space for humans of all walks of life to express themselves and learn about sexuality and relationships, and for that reason, we do not welcome discrimination of any sorts on our social media platforms #shameisnotwelcome. Instead, we invite you to be vulnerable, talk about sexuality and educate yourselves! Reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook or Email with your sex and relationship questions for an answer from our in house sex educator! For links to sexual health clinics in North America and other helpful resources that will help you navigate your sexual health and pleasure click here.


We operate in a shame free and #sexxxpositive environment, meaning that #shameisnotwelcome on any of our social media platforms or website, and that we promote the following: consent, healthy conversations about sex, safe sex practices, inclusive sex-education, body positivity, more pride and less shame, openness around consensual sexual practices and preferences, and acceptance.