Leonid Radvinsky’s connection to OnlyFans and his significant financial contributions to the Israel lobby group AIPAC address the intersection of business, politics, and ethics in the digital age of porn. According to a report by Rolling Stone, Radvinsky, a UK-based billionaire, has been the largest donor to the American Israel Public Affairs Commitee (AIPAC) during the Gaza genocide, with donations totaling $11 million. AIPAC is known for lobbying politicians in the United States to support Israel’s military policies, including providing financial and arms support from the US government. This lobbying effort not only influences US foreign policy but also contributes to the ongoing violence in Gaza by strengthening Israel’s military capabilities and reinforcing its actions in the region. Not to mention, AIPAC’s influence grants Israel a “social license” within US political circles, further legitimizing and influencing approval of its actions and policies.This sheds light on the implications of supporting OnlyFans, when their majority owner is allegedly providing financial contributions to support the deaths of over 35,000 Palestinian people.


The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has sparked outrage and condemnation due to the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli military against Palestinian civilians, many of which are women and children. The atrocious war crimes committed during the Gaza genocide have reignited calls for justice and accountability, prompting individuals and organizations to reevaluate their relationships with companies that support the Israeli military.


If Leonid Radvinsky’ substantial donation to AIPAC isn’t enough, Radvinsky’s past raises further concern about his involvement in the industry. Before he became a billionaire from buying 75% of OnlyFans, he reportedly operated multiple websites that marketed access to “illegal” and “hacked” passwords to adult content sites, some allegedly featuring underage performers and bestiality. If he earned money by charging porn websites for every click, that, correct me if I’m wrong, sounds like he was directly profiting off of child pornography. 


As sex workers, it’s essential to understand the broader implications of our financial support and to consider the ethical consequences of platforms like OnlyFans. While this platform offers opportunities for more accessible financial independence, it is part of a larger ecosystem that ties to a deeply problematic individual, Radvinsky, with an obviously controversial political agenda. Listen, I’ve personally experienced the need for switching platforms from OnlyFans to something new, during and after my career as an OnlyFans content creator, and I understand first hand some of the barriers that you might experience, such as losing your subscribers, transferring your content, setting up new payment methods, and more. It’s not an easy task, but it’s possible. Luckily, I had income to fall back on, and understand that not everyone has this luxury. For those of you who do, this is your time to shine and to lead by example.


So, in light of the reporting on Radvinsky’s significant contributions to AIPAC, you might feel compelled to explore alternative platforms that align with your values. Here are some options that offer features tailored to the needs of sex workers while prioritizing privacy, security, and inclusivity: 


Offers features such as a clip store, lifetime loyalty referral program, universal pricing rules for messaging, and better content theft protection to avoid leaked content. Great for residual income on premade content.


While primarily a clip store, it can be a great addition for those with marketable content. It offers internal traffic, meaning customers can search keywords and find you without having first followed you on social media.


App that allows users to post exclusive content for subscribers and is sex worker-owned. Offers less traffic than other platforms, but is available on the App Store.


Growing platform that has fewer restrictions on content and is fetish-friendly. Only accepts bitcoin as payment.


Femdom clipsite, great for passive income where you can sell individual clips, customs, and phone calls.You keep 60% of clips, 80% of tributes, and 100% of customs. Doesn’t offer subscription service, but has a PPV function.


Primarily sexting service platform, and also has an app. Great potential for income if you are consistently logged in and chatting. Pay per message system, and set custom pricing for texts, pictures, audios, video messages, phone calls and video chat. Can also sell premade clips.


Large camming platform that is great for promotion to other external platforms. Content and video get leaked easily.


Monetized social media platform that was made by Instagram models who continuously were getting deleted. Subscription and locked post feature. Live features like messaging and video chats, and PPV feature. 


Can easily import your OnlyFans content and offers subscription and PPV features. 


Great for femdom and fetish creators. Offers live support and good internal traffic. You keep 60% of clip sales, and offers regular promotion.


With that said, here are some platforms to consider avoiding:


Playboy reportedly dropped Mia Khalifa, a former porn star and media personality, from a podcasting deal when she voiced her support for Palestine. They terminated her Playboy Centrefold account and cut ties with her.


While it’s unclear if Radvinsky still owns MFC, he founded it, and is possibly still receiving dividends, and may still have an interest in the website. 


The parent company of Fansly, Select Media, allegedly has members who were in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). While it’s uncertain if they financially support Israel, it seems likely.


Creator currently has multiple sexual assault allegations filed against him.


I recognize that transitioning away from platforms like OnlyFans may not be feasible for everyone. Many sex workers rely on OnlyFans for their livelihoods and may face financial instability if they choose to migrate to alternative platforms. While I urge and encourage this transition if it’s within your means, it’s crucial to weigh the potential benefits and risks of divesting from OnlyFans to prioritize your own well-being and financial security. 


Ultimately, the decision to continue supporting platforms like OnlyFans or to seek alternatives is a personal one that you’re going to make based on your own individual circumstances and values. By staying informed, advocating for change, and supporting initiatives that promote justice and equality, sex workers as a united front, can play an enormous role in challenging systems of oppression.


Published and Written by Intamo