Mindful Sexuality

By Airial Clatney   It’s happened to most of us during sex… What should I cook for dinner? Do I look pretty on top? This is called ‘spectatoring’ and it totally hinders sexual arousal and pleasure. The two most common forms…
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Why Even Bother With Lube?

By Airial Clatney   Introducing a lube can transform your sex life from blah to oh la la! Personal lubricants can benefit humans of all ages, and not just those who are experiencing pain. Sex just feels better when its wetter [period],…
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Attention: Penis Owners

By Airial Clatney   The difference between male orgasm and ejaculation seems simple right? Orgasm occurs in the brain, while ejaculation is physical response that occurs in the prostate and urethra. Turns out that they don’t always…