By Airial Clatney


Introducing a lube can transform your sex life from blah to oh la la! Personal lubricants can benefit humans of all ages, and not just those who are experiencing pain. Sex just feels better when its wetter [period], and 9 out of 10 vulva owners think that sex is more comfortable and pleasurable when using lube. Want longer lasting sex? Lube is the answer for extending your session, and it’s not just great for vulva owners; a well-lubricated penis not only feels amazing but prevents damage to the delicate tissues of the penis and vagina. Sex lubes are also great for foreplay and helpful even for increasing pleasure during non-penetrative sex. Lube is handy for those on a solo mission, so ditch the harsh chemical lotion and opt for a natural lube that is kind to your bits. For those romantic evenings with your vibrator, don’t forget to pickup our water-based lubricant here that is safe to use with sex toys and condoms. 






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